Construction Role "Would Not be Suitable For a Lady"

50 years ago, Kathryn Ladley began her career in construction as a Student Quantity Surveyor. She caught our attention after posting a shocking rejection letter on Twitter that stated the role 'would not be suitable for a lady.' We caught up with Kathryn to find out more...

Realities of Creating a New Normal: Collaboration & Connectedness During COVID-19

In recent years, there has been much horizon scanning and trend speculation about how the digital revolution will change the construction industry. How will the internet of things change the way we 'do' construction? How will data availability create opportunities for new...

Realities of Creating a New Normal: Staying Informed

A lot is going on right now, way more than we have ever had to deal with before. There is one thing that seems to keep me going, and that is, that I am not alone.

How I Became a Civil Engineer

I had high hopes of becoming a medical professional when I started studying for my A-levels, which I found to be the hardest period of my education. However, upon completion of my studies, I found that I didn't meet the grade requirements to study the course I wanted.

Realities of Creating a New Normal: An Introduction

As the Lead Producer for the Women in Construction World Series, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, in so many different aspects. With our flagship event, Women in Construction Summit in London being postponed and our American sisters being in lockdown, I’ve...

5 Top Podcasts for Women in the Construction Industry 2020

Podcasts are one of the main tools that have been utilised for learning and development since its conception and has continually grown for the past couple of years, as audio and visual content is rapidly replacing its text-based alternatives.

"I Want to Make This Industry I Love, a More Sustainable One": Q&A with Brittany Harris, Co-Founder of a ConTech Company

Brittany Harris is the CEO and Co-founder of Qualis Flow, a SaaS platform that enables construction teams to get real value from their environmental data and achieve a stress-free environmentally compliant project. We asked her some questions about her routine, motivations...