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Realities of Creating a New Normal: Staying Informed

A lot is going on right now, way more than we have ever had to deal with before. There is one thing that seems to keep me going, and that is, that I am not alone.

Realities of Creating a New Normal: An Introduction

As the Lead Producer for the Women in Construction World Series, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, in so many different aspects. With our flagship event, Women in Construction Summit in London being postponed and our American sisters being in lockdown, I’ve...

5 Top Podcasts for Women in the Construction Industry 2020

Podcasts are one of the main tools that have been utilised for learning and development since its conception and has continually grown for the past couple of years, as audio and visual content is rapidly replacing its text-based alternatives.

A Note From The Producer

Jordan Graham, Conference Producer for Women in Construction Summit, shares her thoughts on the importance of this revolutionary conference to increasing diversity and inclusion.

Women in Construction Europe - A Note From the Producer

I’m thrilled to be growing the Women in Construction World Series by taking it to Europe this year!

'Everyone Matters' - Q&A with Keynote Speaker Giulia Privitera from UK Power Networks

Giulia Privitera, Low Carbon Technologies Delivery Manager at UK Power Networks, talks to us about what we need to do push for an inclusive construction industry, initiatives she is involved in that actively champion gender diversity and the importance of being involve...

How Can YOU Push for Gender Equality in Your Company in the Construction Industry?

In this fourth instalment of the Spotlight on Diversity Champions blog series, we sat down with Sharon Slinger, Owner and Director of Constructing Rainbows Limited, and discussed the key issues facing the construction industry and how YOU can push for greater equality.

Engineering Apprentice, Rebecca Munro, On The Rewarding Opportunities In Construction

The third instalment of the Spotlight on Diversity Champions blog series is with Rebecca Munro, Technician Permanent Way Engineer at Mott MacDonald. Find out how she entered the construction industry (under the Engineering sector) at a young age and what she thinks is...

Two Key Things We Need To Do To Achieve Greater Equality - Kate Lloyd's Story

The second instalment of the Spotlight on Diversity Champions blog series features Kate Lloyd, Programme Manager from Constructing Excellence in the North East. She shares her personal experience & advises on what we need to do to achieve greater equality.

Women, Fairness and Equality in Construction - Q&A with Chrissi McCarthy

For the first instalment of Spotlight on Diversity Champions in Construction, Chrissi discusses the good, the bad, and what we can do to improve the situation.