Call for Submissions: We Need More Female Construction Workers on Instagram!

January 22, 2020 | Katrina Hinrichsen

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Help us to celebrate and promote women working in the construction industry. We're revamping our Women in Construction Instagram page and want you to be a part of it! 

We'll be creating a new layout on @womeninconstructionworldseries over the next few months to increase awareness of the incredible women working in the construction industry. If you're one of them, read on to see how you can take part. In the meantime, give us a follow to see what we've been up to so far.



Why are images so important?

Part of the reason behind the lack of gender diversity in the construction industry is the ongoing perception that it is not a suitable career option for a woman. Women are not often represented in the media in construction roles, and this has perpetuated harmful stereotypes and caused the industry to be ignored as a female career path entirely. 

Let's change that. Using the power of images, we want to alter notions of the construction industry by sharing pictures of the amazing female construction workers out there, and the impressive work that they do. 

They say 'a picture says a thousand words', and this is largely true. The human brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds, and in some reports, it has been suggested that visuals increase user engagement by as much as 94%. User-generated content (UGC) is growing in popularity too; analysts are predicting that Instagram will account for a third of all social media users by 2021.

The construction industry is falling behind on this platform, with a visible lack of workers on the channel. So, female construction workers, let's band together to raise our digital presence in 2020 and make as much noise as possible for women in the industry!


Share your construction content

We'd love to see pictures of you at work (keeping safety regulations in mind, of course), cool structures you've built, or anything else that showcases the construction industry lifestyle and in particular, what it's like to be a female construction worker.

Share your content on your own profile, and with us, and we will select some images, videos and quotes to share with credit on our Women in Construction Instagram page in a new, revamped layout.

You can notify us of your content by:


Want some inspiration?

Did you hear about the construction worker, @justaconstructionguy, who went viral last year after a Tweet which stated, 'My dad asked me what an influencer was, and after I explained he said "Pssh, I could do that". Well he did... The best part is he works in construction.'

The Tweet turned out to be fake, as the Instagram account was actually set up by Cuvée Coffee as part of a marketing campaign.

In any case, it worked remarkably well, and the account now boasts 477k followers. Female construction workers, you could achieve something similar but for female empowerment, and not just coffee!

For ideas to get you started, take a look at some construction influencers and organisations on Instagram 👷‍♀️:

  • @That_drywall_chick - 42.5k followers. An account following Brittany Luly from Bozeman, MT, as she does drywall and DIY at various locations.
  • @Trades_women_of_ig - 22.k followers. A page dedicated to connecting, empowering and inspiring women working in various trades.
  • @MissyScherber - 17.3k followers. A woman who works on the front lines of several construction companies that she owns alongside her husband in Minneapolis.


  • @PlasteredSisters - 12.7k followers. Kate and Ella, a Kent based sister-in-law plastering duo and owners of EKRB Developments Ltd.
  • @Katie_Cranes - 3,186 followers. An enthusiastic crane operator based in London. Katie was also a speaker at our Women in Construction Summit in 2019.


  • @Yewande.Akinola - 1,207 followers. A chartered engineer, innovator, dreamer and speaker with tonnes of passion for engineering in our world today. She'll be speaking at our Women In Construction Summit in London this year.
  • @ImageofWIC - 944 followers. A series of portraits showcasing the diversity of women and roles within construction. 



We're looking forward to seeing your content!

Do you want to do even more to tackle harmful stereotypes and improve gender diversity in the construction industry? 

Join us at our Women in Construction Summit on June 9-10, 2020 at Olympia, London. Download a brochure for more information:


Alternatively, there's also Women in Construction USA on September 22-23, 2020 at Santa Clara Convention Center, California.