Realities of Creating a New Normal: Staying Informed


A lot is going on right now, way more than we have ever had to deal with before. There is one thing that seems to keep me going, and that is, that I am not alone.

And neither are you.

As we are pushed into creating a new normal, from working full time at home to schooling children to not having the ability to just walk outside, it can seem like we are climbing a mountain that feels insurmountable. We’re all facing new challenges and figuring out how best to move forward, and what the future will look like.

There’s a lot of information out there, and whenever there’s something bad going on, the explosion of news, insight and the sudden rise of people who apparently become 'experts' becomes more of a challenge than a source of power. We know knowledge is power, but there is a fine line between keeping updated and being overloaded with information. I know this is a personal struggle of mine that I am currently working on: to not allow myself to be overloaded with information and news. I have actively been limiting my news intake, which in turn has provided more time for cooking and Netflix - far preferable alternatives!

We have compiled a list of useful links and resources to keep up-to-date with the basics without being overwhelmed with information during this time:

Government Updates

Impact of COVID-19 on Construction

Working From Home

Mental Health

As you’ve seen, some of the links provided are webpages which you can save on your browser and re-open when you want to catch up on the latest developments.

If you have any additional links you think might be helpful to the community, please share below in the comments!

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