A Note From The Producer

Jordan Graham, Conference Producer for Women in Construction Summit, shares her thoughts on the importance of this revolutionary conference to increasing diversity and inclusion.

I am delighted to be producing this year's Women in Construction Summit – the UK’s biggest conference dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion.



Why we are holding this conference

As you may know, construction is more than a man in a yellow hard-hat and Timberland boots. You may also know that the public image of the industry overlooks th­e women working within it.

So the real question is: how can we change perceptions and demonstrate that as a woman you can have a rewarding and successful career in construction?

The construction industry is a vital part of the UK economy, contributing 7% to annual GDP and employing almost 3 million people (Designing Buildings, 2017). What is alarming is that women only make up 11% of the industry, and even more alarmingly, women only make up 1% of construction sites. It is clear this percentage is far too small for an industry of such significance to society.

Construction is faced with the question of how to raise diversity and during the conference we will uncover the importance of having such discussions and introducing D&I policies.

Firstly, any individual with the right skills should be able to enter and be rewarded by a career in construction.

Secondly, companies with a gender diverse workforce are 15% more likely to generate above average revenue.

Thirdly, the industry should be proactive and cast its net wider to reach greater pools of talent.

The three reasons above are enough to demonstrate to the industry and society that we need to act on these issues. The first step is to identify the problem, which we’ve done. Now we need to push towards creating a solution as a collective industry.

What to expect from the conference

Through a combination of inspiring keynotes from women leading the way, discussions on how to solve industry challenges, skills workshops and unparalleled networking opportunities, Women in Construction Summit will re-energise your passion and provide all the actionable insight you need to flourish in the sector.

You’ll discover new ways of asserting yourself as a female leader in a male-dominated world, learn practical strategies on how to create a diverse and productive workforce, share the latest information on the role of women in solving many of the industry’s biggest challenges and much more!

After the event, attendees will be empowered, energised, informed with industry knowledge and ready to help other women enter and climb the construction career ladder. Are you ready for the change?

The Women in Construction World Series returns 16th May 2019. To find out more, click here.

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