Women in Construction Europe - A Note From the Producer

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I’m thrilled to be growing the Women in Construction World Series by taking it to Europe this year!  

London’s inaugural Women in Construction Summit successfully brought together 500 professionals (there were a few men in the crowd) from the construction eco-system, equipped them with tips to tackle personal & professional hurdles, and ensured they left feeling inspired, empowered and more confident! 

The Summit in London left me in complete awe, evident by the (happy) tears running down my cheek after my opening address to this community. It was amazing to see a myriad of professionals in the industry networking, sharing their experiences and contributing towards a more inclusive industry. I have been truly moved by the feedback, insight and openness of the community we’ve created. 

Construction is a crucial pillar in Europe, contributing to 10% of the European Union’s GDP. We know that the construction industry touches everyone’s lives in some way, whether it’s where they live, or if they have access to green space. It is unsettling, but unfortunately not surprising, that women only make up 14% of the European Construction industry. 

Most professionals do not oppose having gender diversity and inclusion – we’ve moved from the days where you had to be able to lift 50kgs to work in construction. So why has the culture and the perceived image of construction not changed?

If we had the answer and we were able to repaint our industry, we wouldn’t need to have such conferences as the Women in Construction Summit. However, we are a long way from reaching our destination of true inclusion. 

The Summit in London was just our first step in contributing towards a progressive and inclusive construction industry. Construction is still faced with the first question of how to raise diversity to the top of the agenda – and the European Summit will continue to uncover best practice, personal experiences and effective strategies to unleash true diversity. 

What to expect from the conference 

Women in Construction Europe will empower you with the inspiration, knowledge and skills needed to fulfil your potential, and provide businesses with practical strategies for creating diverse and inclusive workforces.

We recognise the importance of listening to our community and addressing the challenges women face in the construction industry. 

I am really excited to have Ceri Evans, Commercial Director at Jacobs speak at the Women in Construction Europe. Ceri will empower you to be your authentic self by sharing personal experiences and tips to overcome certain hurdles women face, in the world of Major Projects of Construction.

I am delighted to have Aušra Vankevičiūtė, CEO at Staticus Norge, sharing her personal experiences of being a woman in a male dominated industry, in a country that is celebrated to be one of the most equal nations in the world.

Other highlights include Anna Westrin and Pia Hook from Skanska, sharing effective D&I strategies that have produced impressive results for one of the largest construction companies in the world. We will also hear from the Head of Innovation and Technology of Skanska Poland, Anna Tryfon-Bojarska, showcasing the latest approach to digitalisation of the industry. 

You can see the session details here.

The Women in Construction Summit returns for 2019, find out more about the speakers here.
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