Women in Construction London 2019: What Not to Miss

May 10, 2019 | Daisy Bernard


After a sell-out conference in March 2018, the Women in Construction Summit is back for another year of cutting-edge conversation, skill-building workshops and unmissable networking opportunities. 

With 60+ speakers, 30+ sessions and 700+ attendees, industry leaders and like-minded individuals will gather at Olympia London to drive change in the construction sector. From Barbara Res' tips on how to repaint the industry to workshops on digital mentoring, we round up some highlights from this year's event.


Can Diversity be the Answer to Business Growth?

Who: Sarah Beale, CEO @ CITB

Where: Main Plenary - Repainting the Industry, 10:00

What: This session will refocus the industry's vision of diversity and inclusion to understand its potential to grow a business. Sharing practical strategies from her own experience, inspiring leader Sarah Beale demonstrates how to make inclusion a core part of how we all operate. 


How to Repaint Our Industry

Who: Barbara Res, Professional Engineer, Attorney and Author. 

Where: Main Plenary - Repainting the Industry, 10:30

What: Historically, women in construction have been a minority. But as the demand for talent reaches an all-time high, businesses are becoming aware that diversity is vital for growth. While the number of women entering the industry is rising, retention is preventing it from driving forward. Historically, women in construction have been a minority. But as the demand for talent reaches an all-time high, businesses are becoming aware that diversity is vital for growth. While the number of women entering the industry is rising, retention is preventing it from driving forward. Hear the answers from Barbara Res, the woman who single-handedly changed the face of construction. 


Adopting the Health & Wellbeing Agenda

Who: Dr. Judith Grant, Director of Health & Wellbeing @ Mace

Where: Main Plenart - Repainting the Industry, 16:20

What: Our output and results have a significant impact on society's wellbeing, from building hospitals, schools, cultural centres and the list goes on. However, why isn't the wellbeing of current professionals positioned at the forefront of our people? In this seminar, learn the first key steps to reduce the high-risk nature for health issues in our industry.


Becoming THAT Leader

Who: Danna Walker, Founder & Director @ Built By Us, and Cristina Lanz Azcarte, London and South East Chair @ NAWIC UK & Ireland

Where: Workshop 2 - Taking Control of Your Career 2.0, 11:30

What: As the world becomes more complex and disruptive each day, the call for leadership varies. The industry often perpetuates an old school, and often, a male-dominated image of leadership and what success in. In this workshop, we'll break down what it means to be a leader in the 21st century, development strategies to become a global leader and recognising your leadership qualities, by defining your own success. 


Fireside Discussion: Creating a Sea of Talent

Who: Kirsti Wells, Business Development Executive @ Construction and Design Centre of Excellence (Cadcoe), and Tony Ellender, Emerging Talent Manger @ Balfour Beatty

Where: Track 1 - Business Commitment to Inclusivity, 14:10

What: "There weren't many women who applied", is a common phrase in our industry. Even if this is the case, we need to take a step back and understand why. In this session, you'll hear Kirsti's perspectives on turning your talent pool into a sea of talent, strategies to reinvent current recruitment methods and small changes you can implement to attract the younger generation.


Secrets of Success: What Construction can Learn From Technology, When Bidding for Large Contracts

Who: Nick Pearce, Co-Founder & Strategy Director @ JPC

Where: Workshop 3 - TechXConstruction, 12:40

What: It’s no surprise that technology is setting the benchmark when it comes to digital transformation - finding new ways to engage in an ever-changing, complex landscape. In this vital session, JPC's Nick Pearce will draw on knowledge, experience and perspectives from inside and outside of the industry to explore what construction can learn from technology, to deliver an industry-leading, compelling  and most importantly— winning bid.


Construction For All (Not Just Men)

Who: Dr. David Hancock, Construction Director @ Infrastructure and Projects Authority, Cabinet Office

Where: Track 1 - Business Commitment to Inclusivity, 12:40

What: The number of women employed in construction is increasing, but at a painfully slow rate. People in the industry, especially men, need to get involved.In this session, Dr. David Hancock will explain how to create greater diversity in a traditionally male sector. As the industry approaches a skills shortage, potentially exacerbated by Brexit, he will discuss how this is commercial issue too. 


Wearing Multiple Hats

Who: Roni Savage, Managing Director @ Jomas Associates

Where: Workshop 2 - Taking Control of Your Career 2.0, 14:10

What: Throughout our careers, lives, and even just in our day-to-day, we take on many roles and try our best to kick ass at every one of them. In this interactive workshop, we'll go through strategies for identifying and mastering key soft skills such as checking in to ensure you're continuously learning, raising your business acumen, and finding support to get yourself where you want to be while also balancing your work, family life and personal interests. 


How to Leverage the Right Technologies

Who: Erica Gasbarro, East Coast & EMEA Consulting Manager @ PlanGrid

Where: Workshop 3 - TechXConstruction, 12:05

What: There have been vast technological developments specifically to address a variety of issues our industry faces, from health & safety to project management to analysing the data. Engage in this workshop to widen your technical understandings and learn the first steps you can take to take your company to industry 4.0.

The Women in Construction Summit kicks off on 16th May, 2019 at Olympia London. With limited tickets left, secure your place now to avoid disappointment.