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Become a proud sponsor of Women in Construction Summit 2020 and a patron for gender equality for your organisation. Together with our attendees, partners and sponsors, we can transform the construction industry, encourage professional development, and lift up societal approaches to inclusivity.



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Obtain a competitive edge in the talent market.

Demonstrate you are serious about diversity and inclusion, and value depth in your workforce

Transform your organization into an employer of choice


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Gain access to an unparalleled pool of suitable experienced talent

Streamline your talent acquisition process

Communicate to your employees that you care about the cause at hand and support their professional development


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Align yourselves with the industry’s iconic brands

Be known as a champion for diversity and inclusion

Showcase your innovation and expertise to your target demographic

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"All of the women that attended last year learned a lot and were very keen to come back next year, it also keeps us up to date in relation to what we can do to increase the number of women in our organisation"

Lindsey Arnold, Learning & Development Manager, Telford Homes