Untapped: Accessing the Underutilized Potential of Women

Kerri works in creative and marketing while Leanne works in engineering. Despite the differences in their roles and responsibilities, they have both recognized common issues that women often experience in the AEC industry. The growing presence of women in the industry opens up a different set of challenges and expectations, such as rigid communication styles, false representations of "empowerment", and uncertainty in calling out the quieter forms of modern bias. This webinar leans into the microscopic and macroscopic changes we can bring to both the workplace and industry by supporting the perspectives and skill sets that women bring. 

Webinar Outline: 

  • Discuss the root of the problem, including the challenges and contradictory expectations women face
  • Discuss alternatives and solutions to "grow change", such as embracing different communication styles, building connections, making room for new conversations
  • Realizing the potential and value of overlooked roles and qualities that may hold you back from a fully empowered workplace 

Who is this webinar perfect for: 

  • Everyone – whether you are in administration, marketing, or engineering, whether starting out, in a managerial role, or in between
  • Those interested in learning new perspectives
  • Anyone who may feel undervalued and/or unempowered, looking for change 

Date: Wednesday 5 August

Time: 17:30 – 18:30 BST 09:30 – 10:30 PT

Presented By

Kerri Kwong

Marketing & Communications Coordinator @ Fast + Epp

Kerri Kwong works as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Fast + Epp, an international structural engineering firm. She is passionate about generating fun and effective marketing and communication initiatives as well as exploring new diversity and inclusivity ideas. Although she is relatively new to the AEC community, she has always had an interest for creative architecture and design and is delighted to bring her professional and volunteer experience from other industries to the firm.  

LinkedIn: Kerri Kwong 

Areas of Expertise: Creative, Marketing, Diversity

Leanne Stinn

Project Engineer @ Fast + Epp

Leanne Stinn grew up in Cochrane, a town just northwest of Calgary, and fell in love with buildings at an early age. Upon graduating high school, she felt torn between her passion for the arts and thrill of problem-solving. Opting for problem-solving, she went into Engineering and unsurprisingly found her place in Civil engineering, specifically structural design. Throughout her career, she has been a co-op student for Williams Engineering, a part of the drafting and design team at Arrow Engineering, and now works as a design engineer at Fast + Epp. It was at Fast + Epp that she has found her passion in engineering the design of creative connections and innovative structures. In her free time, she enjoys reading a good book, painting impressionistic landscapes, and volunteering on the crisis and support line at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.

LinkedIn: Leanne Stinn

Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Engineering, Mass Timber, Diversity