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Achieve long term success

Re-Ignite Your Passion

Learn from empowering women and advocates that are not just surviving in the industry, but thriving on their quest for equality. You’ll hear practical insights, personal stories and critical discussions of what it is to be a woman in construction.

Lively community 1

Join a Lively Community

Lose your feeling of isolation by joining a growing community of like-minded professionals in all aspects of construction. You’ll leave with not only abundant connections, but a sense of belonging.

Solve today's issues

Boost your Career as a Construction Professional

Take an active part in personal and career development workshops focused on reinventing you as a modern construction professional. Learn how to take control of your authenticity, the power of networking and how YOU can become a diversity advocate.


Become a Beneficiary of Diversity

Hear visionary, forward-thinking business strategies that are challenging industry inertia and tackling traditional approaches to business. Determine how you can become a real beneficiary of true diversity and inclusion.


Get up to Speed on the Latest Tech

Immerse yourself in the latest developments and advancements in technology that are pushing the industry forward. Get up to speed with how to increase your productivity, and learn how technology may be the answer to the gender disparity in construction.

Tackle male dominated image

Repaint the Industry Image

What is the image society sees when looking at construction? Get involved with thought- provoking discussions to actively challenge the status quo, the culture, the industry that negates women.