Be inspired and energised

Learn from the practical insights and personal experiences of successful women who are smashing through the glass ceiling, championing diversity, breaking down the image of what it is to be a woman in construction and so much more.


Join a lively community

Lose your feeling of isolation - join a community of like-minded people working across all parts of the sector and take full advantage of the networking opportunities.


Solve today’s biggest issues in construction

Find out how gender diversity can help us solve the issues of Brexit, digital revolution, sustainability and housing


Learn the skills needed to boost your career

See it to be it: take an active part in workshops on how to build confidence, assert your position and market yourself.


Tackle the male dominated image of construction

Get involved with thought provoking discussions on how to actively challenge and change the image of construction which negates woman


Get up to speed on the latest tech

Learn about how emerging technologies are revolutionising the construction industry and how technology is creating new opportunities for women.


Achieve long term business success

Hear visionary business strategies and engage with discussions on best practices for improving diversity and inclusion, which is proven to have real economic benefits for business

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